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Power Week!

This is the start of Power Week.  What is power week, it is the week when retailers get ready and launch the holiday season.  So all over the country this week, retailers and those companies that sell through retail channels, are busy getting all their ducks in a row.


Some interesting things to watch will be, what is the backlash to Black Friday going to be?  Will we see anyone pull back on start hours at the last minute?


Will Target’s website crash again?


How many people will be sent to the hospital this year on Black Friday?


The interesting thing about Power Week and Black Friday is, the consumer wants a new model of shopping for the deals, yet this is really a throw back.  How long will it last is really more about the retailers and less about the consumers.  Because the retailers want people to spent money and they still believe this is how it is best done.  We will see.

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