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Was it a Smart Move to Open Early on Black Friday?

It has been nearly a month since the Thanksgiving Day early opening making it Black Thursday for some instead of Black Friday.  So the question that everyone is asking is, was that early open a smart move?  It is a fair question and one that the numbers may answer.


We saw some numbers showing that consumers were very much in a deal hunting mood this year.  Fair enough, the economy is still tough.  So the next question is, did those deals help?  For some companies it did improve market share but at the cost of profit performance.  We already know what happened to Best Buy, and chances are it is going to be the indicator of what the rest of the sector will show us.  However, one company to watch will be Sears.


Sears bucked the early opening and as a result, it may show us what next year will have in store for us in terms of opening hours for Black Thursday/Friday.

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