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WalMart, showing how it’s done

If you haven’t heard of Walmart Labs, you should go and check them out right away.  Last April, WalMart teamed up with Kosmix, the same guys who founded Amazon marketplace, to create Walmart Labs.  A company based in San Burno.  If you ever wanted to look at where the future of retailing is going, these guys are one of those groups to watch.


Walmart Labs is a company I am very impressed with.  Everyone knows Walmart and love them or hate them, you have to respect what is going on at the Labs.  A group of innovative thinkers and doers who are looking at the world of retail, not for today but for 10 years from now and then laying down that road to get us there.  In a world where companies barely look beyond the quarter, this thinking is revolutionary.


A lot of people talk about the showroom for Amazon impact that many retailers are experiencing.  But few really address the issues like Labs does.  As someone who follows what that group does, I have a pretty good idea of what kind of talent and culture the team has and what they are capable of.  This is a team that has the ability to change the way we shop and probably for the better.  I am impressed with the people they have and the rate of change they are moving at.  Walmart Labs is changing the way people like me, view Walmart.  A company that is now innovative.


As a competitor, I would be concerned about Walmart Labs, as a consumer and technology watcher, I am interested in what the team is doing.  Part of my job is to look at what Walmart Labs may be up to.  Walmart Labs is certain one to watch in the space of shopping experiences.  Most would claim Amazon is the top dog in this race for the online experience.  However, I would make the case that Walmart Labs, if allowed to really show their skills, would be the ones to define the online and cross channel space in a way that we have not seen before.  It is certainly a group to watch.

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