The Data Age

Big Data and Living in an Age of Data

The Data Age - Big Data and Living in an Age of Data

Big Data is not about the data

In my normal conversations around big data, the topic tends to go towards the data as the substance.  In reality, the data is important, but it is not the main dish.  We have seen data explode since the Internet went mainstream.  The problem is, all this data, is not that helpful to the average consumer or to a company trying to sell.  The amount of data is overwhelming. 


This overwhelming of data is why the data is not the main dish.  It is the ability to analyze and slice that data down into bite size pieces that allow businesses and consumers to find the data useful.  In other words, analysis and data visualization are more important right now.  Big data has the ability to fundamentally change how we do business and live.  But for that to happen, it needs to be delivered in ways that people find it useful.  I can say that most people will leave the sales funnel when they reach data overload.  So if we try to load them with all the stuff big data has to offer, all we are doing is just creating lost sale.  That is, unless we figure out how to bring up the right kind of data to the right person.  That is where personalization comes into play, which is another area I spend my time on.

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