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Big Data and Living in an Age of Data

The Data Age - Big Data and Living in an Age of Data

Mobile Strategy

A presentation by Mike Brown of Olson

Mike built on Doug’s early presentation.  Where as Doug was in the weeds of the roadmap, Mike was focused at a higher level of the strategy.  The two were a nice play off each other, topic wise.


The topics around geofencing were great.  As he pointed out, figuring out geofencing is the easy part, the business logic is where it is really challenging.  Such as when and why you send a trigger message is the most important part of geofencing. 


Also, just because you can send a notification to a consumer, doesn’t mean you should, what will you say and what is the point of the notification, is it too much for that consumer?  These are important questions that often don’t get addressed without consumer insight as part of the development process.


I also liked his apporach on social, make content sharable on the mobile view.  That’s a great idea, but he also pointed out social sites do not really have true sharable mobile content and so if you rely on Facebook for your social mobile experience, you could have a big gap.




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