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Big Data and Living in an Age of Data

The Data Age - Big Data and Living in an Age of Data

LEAD Marketing Conference

I spent the majority of my week at the LEAD marketing conference outside Chicago. It was a very good conference with great speaking and great conversations.

The conference had many people from companies in the food retail and CPG space. This was great for me because this is a part of the business world I don’t get to interact with on a regular basis. However, being able to hear their issues around technology in their space, was very informative.

In areas such as mobile, I felt the companies presenting had far better models than we have in the space I am in. They are able to produce apps faster than we can and with more focus on the customer. However, they areas of social and digital tools were about the same and in the area of big data and personalization, I would say we are further ahead.

Overall, it was a great conference, one I would highly recommend attending. People were friendly and very knowledgeable on the topics. For myself personally, I actually found the push back on certain topics to be refreshing. I normally don’t get challenged on things like big data or personalization. Most people just assume it will be. It was great to see people push back on the concepts and actually challenge me to defend the concepts at the core. I like this because I often deal with people who just assume it will be.

Overall, I came away from the conference with new ideas and new friends. Just as a conference should be.

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