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The Data Age - Big Data and Living in an Age of Data

DMG The State of Social Customer Care

The State of Social Customer Care
Whether companies are ready for it or not, social networking is forcing them to reevaluate their approach to servicing. Customers want to interact with companies via social media; however, only a small (but growing) number of organizations are doing a good job with social customer care today, and most concentrate on handling Facebook and Twitter.
Social Media is More than a Communication Channel
At its most basic level, social media is just another channel; but if that is all it is perceived to be in your organization – a channel to be captured, controlled and managed – its value, power and benefits will be underutilized. Enterprises that are actively managing their social media presence are reaping significant benefits from their investments. They are using social networks effectively to engage their customers and prospects in public forums, and are attracting the attention of prospects on a worldwide basis. This contributes to their social presence and clout, which increases their ratings in search engines and attracts more visitors and business. In short, it’s simply good business.
Other organizations approach social media in a more passive manner. They are using tools to monitor social networks for mentions of their organization, so they can identify issues and address them before they go viral. While these programs are less formal and beneficial, they can still be effective in identifying and containing customer concerns. But there is a substantial difference between companies that use social networking to enhance their image and those that engage in it to protect themselves.
Social Media is Essential for VoC

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