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Augmented Reality and CES

I was watching how augmented reality concepts were coming up at CES last week.  I was happy to see many new concepts.  Keep in mind that augmented reality is still an infant industry in the US, but globally, there are other areas of the world that are moving faster than the US in this space.


What I saw from CES is that augmented reality is on its way to the US.  I see augmented reality as an evolutionary step in the shopping experience, not revolutionary.  Enough of us have grown up watching sci fi shows and movies to be at a point that we just expect such technology to be a part of the shopping experience sooner or later.  That is why I think it is evolutionary, enough people just expect it.


There were a few interesting concepts around augmented reality that were shown that give me hope that my estimations on augmented reality going mainstream, may be on target.  I do believe that by 2015, augmented reality will be fairly wide spread.  It has such great potential that it just won’t go away.  But like the Internet was years ago, it needs to figure out what its true value is to the consuming public.  And I do believe we will see that value begin to take shape over the 2012-2013 timeframe.

How Tesco is Using Augmented Reality

The Tesco video on how they use AR is just awesome!!!  Augmented reality is one of those technology that will change how we shop.  I don’t see it as revolutionary, but evolutionary.  Enough people have seen plenty of sci fi movies and shows to feel that this is how we will eventually interact with technology.  Augmented reality is still somewhat crude but it is good enough and easy enough to be used on a retail sight.  This is easily something that would work in the retail environment or even in the B2B space.  Now someone can see how that new part really does look in a 3D fashion, instead of the standard 2D version we are used to.  This can reduce returns due to poor matching and help customer get to a point where they are ready to buy as they look at the product in a new way that helps to answer a lot of their question.  Not to mention, the wow factor at this point, will certainly get some consumers to try it out.


Eventually, augmented reality will be another tool we all use, in 10 year, people will wonder, how did we ever shop without it.  Currently it is about a $300M industry in the US, but I do expect that to take off as it goes from the “cool” to useful phase rather quickly.  I expect by 2015, we will see some really improvments that make augmented a tool that we all use in some fashion, at that point in time.  Check out th video link below, see video #4.

CES, Augmented Reality

In my job I do look into augmented reality and its application in the consumer field.  Although I do not think this will be a widespread big hit, I do like the concept and if it does get adopted by the gamers out there, it could be a good next step to augmented reality being accepted by the general public and an evolutionary step in our growing tech world.